Educate & Activate


Are you a church that …

  • wants your place of worship to feel lively and welcoming?

  • wants to visibly reflect your story and your mission with your property?

  • wants to actively engage with the community?

  • wants to wisely steward your resources for the common good of the congregation and the community?

  • isn’t sure how to accomplish any one of these goals?

We help you achieve these goals by leveraging the assets you have in creative and dynamic ways to fit your context and your story.




The context of your story matters. Our educational resources give you fresh eyes to discover and discern the relationships between your mission and your place.

  • We develop and facilitate church property and community assessments and placemaking educational toolkits.

  • We lead church and community engagement workshops and guided neighborhood walking tours.

  • We speak and write on the intersections of theology, human flourishing, and design for dignity.



Your property has potential. Our consulting services guide you to unlock the value that exists with your physical property to better serve your community.

  • We assist with rethinking your church property – its use, its design, its impact for the common good.

  • We provide guidance on the vision and design for new development or redevelopment of church property within your context

  • We advise on projects for integrative neighborhood design, placemaking, and community building.