What is the built environment?

The built environment is the setting of our stories, the stage for the human drama. It is anything created and modified by human hands. In our urban landscape, this most often takes the form of buildings, sidewalks, streets, parks and gardens. However, because we live in it, we often overlook the nuances in our built environment that make us thrive.

Why does it matter?

We are real people living in real physical space and time. The way our cities are designed has tangible implications for whether or not we flourish as human beings. Likewise, the built environment can either enhance or detract from our ability to develop relationships with our neighbors, an important ingredient for cultivating healthy and restorative community.

Why the Church?

As relational and creative beings, God designed us to live in community. The church community is an important agent in carrying the redemption story forward on the earth. In so doing, we are called to love our neighbors, seek the welfare of the city, and steward the earth. This includes redeeming the built environment for the common good.

Proximity Project is connecting churches to these truths by providing them with the knowledge and tools for strategically engaging the built environment in order to promote human flourishing in our neighborhoods.