Christian Perspectives on Urbanism

Art of Neighboring  |  Twenty-one churches in the metro Denver area came together for a shared sermon series centered on neighboring. Their goal was to challenge the people in their congregations to be intentional in relationships with their literal neighbors. This website has various resources and ideas for encouraging other congregations to engage in challenging their members to know their neighbors.

Center for Environmental Leadership  |  The Center for Environmental Leadership (CEL) is focused on four broad issues--sustainability, food, the built environment, and educating tomorrow's leaders. They lead in each of these areas by convening outcome-oriented gatherings, and building the support structures to make a strategic impact.

Christian Community Development Association  |  CCDA’s vision is to see holistically restored communities with Christians fully engaged in the process of transformation. To that end they seek to inspire, train, and connect Christians who seek to bear witness to the Kingdom of God by reclaiming and restoring under-resourced communities.

Parish Collective  |  Parish Collective offers deep support to local churches and faith-based groups that are rooting in neighborhoods and linking across cities for parish renewal. Parish Collective connects people to a fast-growing network of deep support, hundreds of neighborhood renewal stories to inspire your team, and a learning platform that accesses the collective wisdom of leading practitioners across North America.

City Design, Planning & Development

CityLab - The Atlantic  |  Through original reporting, sharp analysis, and visual storytelling, CityLab informs and inspires the people who are creating the cities of the future—and those who want to live there. Daily articles that engage ideas, research, and issues surrounding all things urban.

Congress for New Urbanism  |  CNU is the leading organization promoting walkable, mixed-use neighborhood development, sustainable communities and healthier living conditions.

Planetizen  |  Planetizen is a public-interest information exchange for the urban planning, design, and development community. It is a one-stop source for urban planning news, editorials, book reviews, announcements, jobs, education, and more. It covers a wide number of planning, design, and development issues, from transportation to climate change, architecture to infrastructure, housing and community development to historic preservation.

Smart Growth America  |  Smart Growth America advocates for people who want to live and work in great neighborhoods. They believe smart growth solutions support thriving businesses and jobs, provide more options for how people get around and make it more affordable to live near work and the grocery store.

Strong Towns  |  Strong Towns advocates for a model of growth that allows America's places to grow financially strong and resilient. They believe an America in transition must focus on developing strong, local communities, places where humanity’s creativity, compassion and spirit of collaboration can flourish.

Sustainable Cities Collective  |  A website that aggregates content and provide resources for all who work in or are interested in urban planning, sustainable development and urban economics. Looking at issues such as transportation, building practices, community planning & development, education, water, health and infrastructure, they hope to create a community where people can get involved and learn about the advances in how cities are becoming smarter and greener in the 21st century.

Creative Placemaking

Project for Public Spaces  |  PPS is the central hub of the global Placemaking movement, connecting people to ideas, expertise, and partners who share a passion for creating vital places.

Twin Cities Urbanism

The Musicant Group  |  A creative placemaking firm based in the Twin Cities.

StreetsMN  | is dedicated to expanding the conversation about land use and transportation issues in the Twin Cities and Greater Minnesota.

Urban Homeworks  |  The mission of Urban Homeworks is to perpetuate the hope of Jesus Christ through innovative community development that produces equitable, dignified housing, a strategic network of good neighbors, and the redemptive development of real estate in the Twin Cities.